gabriel francisco lemos
Guerra Não Linear, 2019
Aug.2019 - Ø |Exhibition Somos Muit+s |Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo - Brazil
Ø consists of a durational sound performance that uses electronic guitar and pedals as medium for emphasizing acoustic properties of the museum space.
ÁGORA, 2019
Ø, 2019
BINAH, 2016
Posludio, 2018
Bloco Ruído, 2015 - 2020
Chance Street, 2017
The Bitter Plums of Chelsea Manning, 2017
Projeto Radiofônico, 2015
Fogos, Vozes e Vidros, 2017
O Humanismo é uma máquina interrompida, 2017
sinestesia_computacional, 2020
nhonhô, 2020 (PT)
espaço latente, 2021
nhonhô, 2021 (ENG)
o_riso, 2022
Ainda Assim Rimos / Yet We Laugh, 2022
Plasticophagus Edulis, 2022
Commissioned by Casa da Cultura do Parque (Sao Paulo-BR) in 2022, re_plica vocalis is a video that explores different ways of representing the human voice. Whether in the context of religious prayer or scientific study, the work uses sounds, texts, and images to animate a digital vocal cord. Synthesized by artificial intelligence and synchronized with saturated colors that refer to medical examinations, such as modern endoscopy, the sounds invite the viewer to follow the changes of a choir in constant movement.
Botannica Tirannica, 2022
re_plica vocalis, 2022
Commissioned by the Spaceship Ensemble and the Gaudeamus Festival in 2022, this short composition written for extended piano, harp, accordion, harpsichord, viola, marimba and clarinete is a work inspired by Gerard 't Hooft's futuristic animals. Trying to mimic the molecular structure of plastic being dissolved by the Plasticophagus Edulis, this composition is an experiment on fast rhythmic patterns and contrasting cut-up gestures and long sonic resonances.