Gabriel Francisco Lemos (Sao Paulo, Brazil) is a composer, visual artist and researcher based in Berlin working at the intersection between performance and composition in interdisciplinary contexts. His work concerns sound, language, and technological mediation in it's contemporary form. Since 2010, he has participated in São Paulo’s experimental music and art scene, presenting his work at the International Electroacoustic Biennale of Sao Paulo, Novas Frequências Festival, Pinacoteca of Sao Paulo, VideoBrasil and the SP Jewish Museum. He had compositions premiered at festivals, events, and exhibitions in London (Whitechapel Art Night and Delfina Foundation), Holland (Gaudeamus Festival), Germany (Savvy-Documenta, Cashmere Radio and Archipelago Lab), Monaco (Monaco Electroacoustique), and Portugal (Peles International Drum Fest). His research has received funding from FAPESP, DAAD, and Capes.

Between 2013 and 2016, he collaborated with the Percussion Group of the University of São Paulo (PIAP), composing percussion pieces for various formations and organizing public concerts.

From 2019 onwards, he collaborates with the GAIA team – Art and Artificial Intelligence Group in partnership with the Center for Artificial Intelligence (C4AI / INOVA-USP), coordinating the reading group meetings and participating in various collective projects. Currently, Lemos is a doctoral candidate at the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP), where he researches the implementation of neural networks for creative purposes. In this context, he is interested in the aesthetic possibilities, epistemic influences, and socio-political implications of interacting with generative systems during creative processes in multimedia and organized sound.