Commissioned by the Spaceship Ensemble and the Gaudeamus Festival in 2022, this short composition written for extended piano, harp, accordion, harpsichord, viola, marimba and clarinete is a work inspired by Gerard 't Hooft's futuristic animals. Trying to mimic the molecular structure of plastic being dissolved by the Plasticophagus Edulis, this composition is an experiment on fast rhythmic patterns and contrasting cut-up gestures and long sonic resonances.
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"The Plastic-zakkenetertje, Plasticophagus edulis presumably originated from genetic experiments conducted by angry tourists at the beaches of some Southern European countries. Its tentacles have turned into scissors, used for cutting plastic bags and other litter at the beaches into edible pieces. Specially adapted microbes in its intestines digest this material. The animal is known for its exquisite taste." Gerard 't Hooft
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drawing by Hooft