Composed for quarter tone electric guitar and effect pedals, Ø is a durational piece that explores continuous sounds and gentle movements within an apparent restrict tonal material (micro intervals, amplification feedback, beatings, roughness, colors, etc.) and acoustic space. A site-specific of meditative (deep listening) character, the composition is guided by reiterating sounds and textures that bring forth indeterminate acoustic properties of the space where it is presented. Of almost imperceptible development, the performance/composition unfolds from the continuous (bio)feedback between the reverberation of the room, the amplification of the instrument and the performer choreography within this environment.

This piece was commissioned by curators Amanda Arantes, Fernanda Pitta and Jochen Volz to be presented in two consecutive days as part of a series of performances took place as activations of the installation untitled 2019 (demo station no. 7, freedom cannot be simulated) by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija, shown at the Octogon Room during the Exhibition Somos muit+s: experimentos sobre coletividade [We are many: experiments on collectivity], at Sao Paulo State Pinacoteca Museum.

The Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1961) proposes an open stage, based on the Raumbühne spiral structure (stage space), a term defined by the architect and theorist Friedrich Kiesler. Known for works that require situations of social exchange in common spaces, in this piece Tiravanija appropriates this foundation to create a theatrical performance experiment, which is available for the free use of invited performers and visitors.

Ø Day One:
Ø Day Two:
Some of the activations that also took place in untitled 2019 (demo station no. 7, freedom cannot be simulated) by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija (Photo: Levi Fanan / Pinacoteca)